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Is This you?

✔️ You've had your sights set on 6 figures and now's the time that you hit that goal while working 20 hours a week or less and not sacrificing your family life

✔️ You've done the courses, attended the webinars and tried everyone else's strategy, but nothing is working...at least not consistently

✔️ You’re wildly ambitious and have a huge passion for your family and for your business...you know that you can make both work and be crazy successful without sacrifice...but you need the guide to show you how

Does This Sound Familiar?

Let's be real...you've been around the “online” block, made some money, helped your clients but now you're ready to take it to the next level without sacrificing your work/life balance...you're done playing small and are ready to scale to 6 figures while working 20 hours a week! IT’S TIME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • You know your work is valuable and needed and is worth a high ticket price, but struggle with what to charge and how to sell it when you're not consistently making sales now.
  • You know you are so good at what you do and have an amazing expertise, but where are your people at? You're ready to grow an audience of engaged and raving fans who need what you've got!
  • You admittedly have spent days, hours and weeks building out funnels, tweaking your website, creating graphics and creating programs that you launch and find crickets... (ps. we've all been there)
  • You are changing up your marketing plan every 2.7 seconds and haven't quite found your own unique groove or strategy that will work for you. You're glad it works for others but dang when will it be your turn?!

So let me tell you, I've been where you are and it's my mission today to help you stop spinning your wheels in online business and hit 6 figures in your business so that you can open up new levels, choices and opportunities in not just your business, but your life.

Hi I'm Katie and I'm obsessed with helping Ambitious Moms like you create and scale 6 figure businesses while working 20 hours a week.

Not that long ago, I was working from home with a newborn, making a strong 5 figure income.

I had reached my goal of making a full time income from home so that I could be there with my newborn... 

But, it wasn't working. I felt like I was letting my family down, my client down, myself down. 

Ready to throw in the towel, my husband encouraged me to keep going and find a way to pivot into a business model that would better serve my expertise, my clients and ultimately my family.

After living in the guru jigsaw puzzle...you know the one, where you're piecing together everyone else's strategies and ways of growing an online business and trying to piece them together to work for you...I got sick of it. 

I took myself through the process that is now the methodology I coach my clients through to build their simple and profitable online business that will allow them to scale to 6 figures, live their ideal mom life now and consistently attract dream clients!  

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You Are Not Cookie Cutter My Friend & Your Business Plan & Strategy Shouldn't Be Cookie Cutter Either!

Here's What I Discovered

I wasn't willing to compromise my family for my business, but I also wasn't willing to compromise my business and ambitions for my family. I could have both and here's what I discovered.

If you're a mom fiercely committed to her ambitions and her family, then here's what I discovered


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📣 I created and honed in on my specific message that resonated with my dream client

✅ I stopped doing all the things and focused on the marketing tasks that brought the biggest return on my time spent.

💃🏻 I unapologetically showed up fully as me online without care to what others thought, because if people are being repelled, then that means people are also being attracted, and that audience is the one I'm obsessed with today. Be you boo!

🤯 I got over the imposter syndrome that was holding me back and stepped fully into the expertise I've been called to share and now people reach out randomly to coach with me...no discovery call needed.

😎 I stopped looking for the next latest and greatest strategy and focused on loving on my community, adding value, and sharing opportunities to work with me. #consistentleadflow

And Do You Know What Happened?

💵 I actually started making money in my business and consistently hitting my revenue goals

🤯 Private coaching booked out and rates increased 3 times

🙌🏼 Referrals flying left and right

🔥 Clients getting insane results while working less and making more

💃🏻 Sales calls felt simple and full of ease 

🙌🏼 A client roster full of DREAM CLIENTS

Ready for Results Like This?

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Imagine being able to consistently attract dream clients into your world from crafting your own unique marketing and sales plan that left you feeling good & confident!

Imagine hitting consistent 4 figure (or even 5 figure) months!


I Know You’re Over It...

  • Applying cookie cutter strategies to your business
  • Creating content like a crazy person and seeing no financial return
  • Feeling stuck in your business and like you can’t grow your income without sacrificing something
  • Hustling for clients and feeling like the hustle will never end
  • Signing less than dream clients and wondering if your dream clients are even out there...

Building a 6 figure business while working 20 hours a week is possible with the right strategy (FOR YOU) and plan for you to attract, nurture and convert ideal clients that are a dream to work with and get massive results.

In 2019 I supported many amazing Ambitious Moms in scaling their businesses to 6 figures while working 20 hours a week or less.

It’s been nothing short of amazing to support my private clients so intimately and be with them every step of the way to ensure their message, business model, marketing and sales plan is in place and supports the life they want to live as well as the mindset to layer on top of that to experience success quicker. 

After helping these women cross the 6 figure mark, cut significantly back on hours working and have a clear plan for scaling, it got me thinking….

How can I bring this same methodology, the Ambitious Mom Method and the same transformation that happens in the private coaching container and create a new growth container that is more accessible but just as impactful. 

Here was my goal.

  • To create something that is more accessible than my private coaching rates
  • To create something just as transformational and impactful as private coaching
  • To create an intimate program that would allow me to collapse time for those involved

With these 3 commitments in mind, the Ambitious Mom Accelerator was born!

2020 is here…and you’re hopeful for 2020 but chances are you don’t REALLY have your marketing and sales the way you want them to be able to hit the big goals you have for 2020, am I right? 


The Ambitious Mom Accelerator

For a select number of Ambitious Moms™ who are ready to scale to 6 figures while working 20 hours a week.

In the A.M.A. I’m going to guide you through the Ambitious Mom Method and help you create a customized plan to lay the foundation for your 6 figure and multi 6 figure business. 

That means you can stop second guessing your strategy and wondering if it’ll work for you. 

We’ll craft your specific strategy together.

And can I tell you something…

Cookie cutters...save them for the Christmas Cookies...not your business plan. mmmm-kay?

🔥You are unique

🔥The life you want to live is unique

🔥Your family is unique

🔥Your skill set and expertise is unique

So why, for the love of monkeys, would we think our business strategy can be the same old cookie cutter that someone else uses? 

NOPE, I’m not here for that. 


Imagine if you had a plan customized and tailor fit to you and you could execute with confidence?

It’s time to play full out in your business. You deserve it, your family deserves it and your audience deserves it. 

It's time for your 6 Figure Year!

I'm Ready for My Custom 6 Figure Action Plan


One of the things I love most about coaching is how it has the ability to literally condense and collapse the amount of time it takes for my clients to get the same level of results I’ve had.

How? Why? What?

Could you get to 6 figures in your business by yourself working the amount of hours you desire? Hands down you could. YES! People do. You could too, no doubt. 

What coaching allows us to do is expedite that time and money invested process and collapse time. 

I’ve been around in this online space for years. And in those years, I’ve invested thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in coaching and support of my own. This year alone, it’s over 5 figures. 

Today and as I continue to invest and up-level in my own life and business, I am able to distill back that growth and knowledge to my clients and cut the amount of time and energy and money it takes them to hit the same growth levels. 

And as a mom, this is invaluable, because the time we have with our kids is everything.

If you could collapse the amount of time it would take to reach your goal, would you do it? 

This is the power of coaching that I’ve seen not only in my own life, but in the lives of my clients. 

The Ambitious Mom Accelerator is here to accelerate your growth and help you build a solid business foundation to scale to 6 figures working 20 hours a week.

There are 3 major components that will anchor this accelerator group program together to help facilitate massive transformation.

Unified Vision

The heartbeat & goal behind each person involved is similar and synergy is created that couldn’t be achieved individually. (ps. This group is going to intimate. Not everyone who wants in will get in.)

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Core Methodology

The anchor in place to guide the experience and amplify learning, implementation, connection and results.


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Strategic Implementation

The catalyst for growth through feedback and support to take what you know and put it into action. No DIY courses can compare to strategic implementation. 

The Accelerator for Mom Entrepreneurs Scaling to 6 Figures While Working 20 Hours a Week

This is not just another online course with video modules dripped out week by week but it's an interactive 3+ month, high touch group accelerator meant to help you lay the foundation for your 6 figure year and hit 4 figure (and even 5 figure) months consistently.

You don’t need more information in this online journey. Chances are you have all you need to know (and if not, I’ll teach you) but what you do need is support and implementation as you execute…

My clients have often said that I am like a second brain for them in their business, thinking and strategizing about their business as if it were my own. 

I’m that committed to your success!

Now is your time!

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The Ambitious Mom Method Overview

Module 1 | Ambitious Mom Mindset

You're stepping into your new level and with that comes a whole new level of being and mindset. Step into your 6 figure ambitious mom level.

Module 2 | Define your message

Hone in on the messaging that will attract ideal clients to you like crazy!

Module 3 | Design your offer

Design your irresistible offer that has your ideal clients hurling their credit cards at you

Module 4 | Create Your 6 Figure Marketing Plan

Create your own unique marketing plan that predictably works for you

Module 5 | Make Sales with Ease

I'll show you my Lean Back Sales Method to help you sell with ease and feel confident in sales conversations.

Module 6 | Business & Systems

Learn the business side and systems of a 6 figure business so that you can scale with ease.

What's Included in the A.M.A.

Intensive 6-Figure Assessment

Reviewed by me to give you your strategy and execution plan over the next 90 days. 

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45-Minute One on One Strategy Call

To map out your unique game plan over the next 90 days.  

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Ambitious Mom Accelerator Curriculum

Access to the no fluff curriculum dripped out week by week so that you have time to learn and implement.

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13 Group Calls

Ask questions, have hot seat opportunities and dive deep into your business, strategy and mindset as you are executing the plan!


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Private Messenger Community

Connect in our private Slack Community & get support from me between group calls. You'll never be without support and stuck wondering what's next. 



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Guest Expert Trainings

From industry leaders on topics like bookkeeping and knowing your numbers, visibility and growing your audience, launching and systems for success.

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