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Work Less, Make More

Work-Life Balance CAN EXIST and we call it the "both-and life" 

Katie Fleming is a business coach and an industry leading voice for 6-7 figure female founders & CEOs ready to work less, step out of the day to day in business while making more income and impact

 Come experience the both and life.

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Hi I'm Katie. 

Today, my life is all about balance and being present

I work less than 20 hours a week while steering a holding company and a coaching and consulting firm.

I'm soaking up precious moments with my two kids, another on the way, and sharing life with my incredible husband. It's a dream scenario, one that feels miles away from where I once was.

But life and business hasn’t always been this way. 

There was a time when my self-worth was completely wrapped up in my work. I was the person who thought success meant pushing harder, working longer, and always being 'on.' My days were a blur of tasks, my nights filled with worry about losing everything I'd built. Constant anxiety and the fear of not being enough kept me from truly enjoying life. I was trapped in a cycle of never-ending work, thinking that was the only way to prove my value.

The turning point came when I realized this wasn't the life I wanted to lead – nor was it the reason I started my business in the first place. 

I wanted freedom, not a self-made prison of endless work. 

So, I took a step back. I simplified my business model, streamlined my operations with systems and automations, focused on empowering my team, and most importantly, did the inner work to detach my worth from my work. It was a journey of transformation, not just for my business, but for my whole self.

Now, here I am, living proof that it's possible to create a successful business without sacrificing your personal life. 

Here we are all about about making more, working less, and being fully present in every moment.

I've walked this path, and I'm here to guide you through it, showing you that a balanced, fulfilling life isn't just a dream – it can be your reality too

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Let's Work Together

Work Less, Make More & Live Life Fully, NOW

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Get ready to experience these SHIFTS for yourself

  • Significantly Reduced Work Hours: Experience the freedom of cutting down your workweek to less than 20 hours, giving you the time to focus on what truly matters in life, without sacrificing the growth and success of your business.
  • Create White Space on Your Calendar: Prioritize yourself and your life first, ensuring that work enriches rather than consumes your life, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling daily routine.
  • Increased Presence in Personal Life: Gain the ability to be more present and engaged with your family and loved ones, cherishing the moments that matter most, thanks to a more flexible and controlled work schedule.

  • Streamlined Business Operations: Implement systems, automations, and effective team leadership strategies that transform your business into a self-sustaining entity, reducing your day-to-day involvement and increasing overall efficiency and profitability.

  • Streamlined Home Management: Implement systems and routines at home that mirror the efficiency of your business operations, leading to a well-organized and smoothly run household where every member contributes, creating more space for relaxation and family time. 

  • Say YES! to New Opportunities & Income Streams With the newfound freedom of working less, unlock the potential to stack more opportunities and ventures, laying the foundation for building a diverse and robust business empire.

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Work Less, Make More

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The Result? 

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