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Katie Fleming

Business & Life Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Build Your Business Empire & Family Legacy

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Whether 6 Figures is Your Goal or Multi 6 Figures & Beyond

You can pursue your calling both in and out of your home and build a business and life of your dreams, without sacrifice.

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You can build an impactful and wildly profitable business while working 20 hours a week or less. 

I did, and I'll show you how! Here's What I'm All About!

#1- Simplicity

I start work at 1pm every day after a slow and intentional morning with quiet time (as quiet as it can be with kids), journaling and coffee, followed by homeschool. This happens because my business is simple and wildly effective.

#2- Focused Priority

The computer no longer sits on my counter in the kitchen for me to constantly access. Instead it’s in my office waiting for designated work hours.

#3- Living Your Dream Life Now

We moved cross country and built a new home, literally creating the life we desired, now. You don't have to wait for some future date to step into living your dream life now...actually that's part of the magic to quantum leaping in your life and business.

#4- Less work, more income

The new normal monthly income is $30k+ and growing every day! Knowing the energy of a multi 6 figure business and how to calibrate up and into it is everything (i’ll show you this) 


Marketing became simpler and more magnetic because I infused more ME.

#6- Sales Ease

Sales turned into an enjoyable process that left me and the dream client excited about what is next...oh and closing rates went up drastically, hello 80%!

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The magic is simple strategy combined with powerful energetic positioning

Ready? I'll show you how!



Let's Work Together

To build the life and business you're obsessed with!

Get ready to experience these SHIFTS for yourself

  • Create a business model that brings in leveraged and limitless income without sacrificing the life you desire to live, NOW.
  • Discover your pandemic proof income, so that you can experience an increase in income even in the midst of a pandemic and global shifts. 
  • Utilize a magnetic marketing strategy that flows from you with ease and flow...oh ya, all without fancy funnels, complicated strategy and the latest and greatest guru strategy…
  • See how sales can be effortless! People are all up in your DMs ready to hire you, applying left and right to your programs, no convincing or coercing needed, you’re in flow and your pipeline is filled with the most dreamiest clients that are meant for you.
  • You’re lit up and operating fully in your unique zone, that only you can do and have incredible support and systems around you to make that happen with ease.
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Ready to Finally Live The The Ambitious Mom Life Blend?

Because playing small means I keep my gifts from those who need it. And that feels sleezy AF.

  • It's time to realize the power of energy and how to structure a business model that truly serves you and those around you by extension #hellomassiveincomeandimpact

  • Understood how to market and sell around your BEING and not the constant doing

  • Learn how to harness the power within you and finally attract and maintain what you desire

  • Step into a business model that allows you to serve and sell at your highest capacity, hit $10k, $20k, $30k and beyond with complete ease and flow
  • Look up to see your client roster full of insanely DREAMY next level clients #thisshitworks


The Result? 

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The podcast for the Ambitious Mom building her business empire and a family legacy. 

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