100 Celebrating 100 Episodes of Ambitious Motherhood

To have episode 100, we had to have episode 1. Starting and the journey isn’t always perfect, easy or enjoyable...but start. In episode 100 of Ambitious Motherhood Katie shares the story of Ambitious Motherhood and how the dream began over 100 years ago. She talks through the value of beginning, the power of decision, making 2020 your 6 figure year and tools she uses in her business to bring in consistent $10k months. 

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  • (1:00) The power of simply beginning
  • (2:00) What is Ambitious Motherhood™
  • (3:50) My story of Ambitious Motherhood™ 
  • (7:00) When will you decide it is your time? 
  • (7:30) Don’t resist tough times and the development that comes from it
  • (10:05) What are you not willing to sacrifice lifestyle wise?
  • (11:00) The fallout & turning point in my biz and life journey
  • (12:48) How to make decisions in challenging times
  • (17:20) The list of a few businesses I’ve started over the years…
  • (19:20) The Ambitious Mom™ Method
  • (20:30) When will you decide that now is your time to hit 6 figures?
  • (21:00) My heart...the result of getting in my community...you’ll move up a level
  • (22:45) The tools & programs I use to run my business
  • (23:40) The tool to manage my entire business
  • (26:00) How do you schedule appointments?
  • (26:55) My #1 tool to manage my projects and company tasks
  • (28:00) Our business hub for files and creating
  • (28:30) ZOOM ZOOM
  • (29:30) Handle your client pipeline, contracts and proposals
  • (30:20) I ditched Adobe Creative Cloud…
  • (31:20) The Brain Food Playlist…
  • (32:50) Track yo numbers girlfriend!
  • (34:20) How I read over 30 books in 2019
  • (36:20) Push through but flow with it…
  • (37:12) Is 6 figures in your 2020 plan?
  • (39:00) I’m proud of you for showing up fully for your ambitions, yourself and your family.

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