028 How to Create a Strategic Plan to Grow Your Income Online with Sara Lingenfelter

business podcast Apr 30, 2018

Starting an online business as a mom is not an easy task, Thank goodness for people like Sara Lingenfelter to help you make a strategic plan to accomplish your income goals online. In today’s episode of the 1k Mom Podcast, we interview Sara, from Your Virtual Biz Partner and she helps us navigate the online world and make money strategically as a mom and business owner.


Meet Sara

Online entrepreneur and owner of Virtual Biz Partner, Sara Lingenfelter made a life-changing discovery in 2011 after a bit of soul-searching. Sara got clear that she wanted to work at home and have time with her then 2-year-old son. She decided she wanted to be in control of her future and be available for every one of her son’s milestones. The world of Virtual Assistance opened up a real passion for online business, systems and technology. In no time, her business was fully booked, and she went from being a VA to become a Certified Online Business Manager where she helped busy entrepreneurs organize, run and grow their online businesses. Sara is now dedicated to providing work-from-home opportunities to stay-at-home moms through an accessible online educational course that teaches all the much-needed business skills, software basics, and connects mom’s to an online community for direct access to success strategies it takes to get started.

Links to Connect


  • Meet Sara (00:46)
  • How Sara got started (02:26)
  • What Sara would have done differently (07:29)
  • How to develop a strategic plan (11:24)
  • Tools to help you organize your day (15:55)
  • How to set 90 day goals and not get off track (17:55)
  • Instagram analytics (24:42)
  • 90 day game-plan recap (27:40)
  • Saying “no” without guilt (28:40)
  • 1 hack to help mompreneurs (29:35)
  • What would Sara have done differently starting out (31:00)
  • Sara favorite app or system (31:20)
  • Sara’s book recommendations (32:40)
  • How to connect with Sara (34:50)

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